E-Sports Nutrition launches! Boom! We did it - let's go!

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After 15 months of hard work, passion and excitement here we are, E-Sports Nutrition has launched!

We are proud to introduce to the gaming community E-Sports Nutrition - and also proud to introduce our 2 launch product lines...

A pack shot of E-Sports Nutrition's launch product, six black tubs of ELX Energy Elixir and four black bags of IGF In Game Food on a black background

Introducing ELX Energy Elixir

ELX Energy Elixir, expertly formulated to provide a smooth delivery of sustained focus and energy as part of a crash free formulation. ELX is vegan friendly and contains zero sugar and zero fillers like maltodextrin (a highly processed filler and hidden sugar) - which means no waxy mouthfeel or aftertaste. No fillers means you benefit from more active ingredients per 440g pot of ELX.

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At launch ELX comes in 6 fantastic flavours:

Introducing IGF In Game Meal

When you need to game on. And On. IGF (In Game Food) is a quick one-step 'make and shake' (made with cold water) meal. Optimised for gamers with superior flavour formulations, IGF is a vegan friendly, high protein, plant based nutritionally complete food fortified with MCT's. IGF contains no fillers, such as maltodextrin and has no added sugar. IGF® has no palm oil or soy and is lactose and GMO free. IGF - Fills you up but is filler free!

IGF In Game food


IGF (In Game Food) launches with 4 fantastic flavours:

Both ELX and IGF have been created to Next Generation formulas and flavour standards.


Gaming, esports, energy and nutrition?


This is going to be a real game-changer.




So are we “just another esports energy drink and nutrition brand”?


Well, we are indeed an esports energy drink and nutrition brand. But “just another”?


E-Sports Nutrition has been put together, with passion, skill and care, to shake things up in the gaming and esports energy drink and nutrition space.


Disruptively, you might say.


We believe the gaming community is ready for a Next Generation energy drink and in game food.


We’re gaming and esports focused, (it’s in our name and in our DNA), with a no compromise, healthy gaming and high performance ethos.


E-Sports Nutrition represents the future of nutrition for gaming and esports.


We deliver intelligent nutrition for next generation gamers who love to compete.


We’re passionate about changing the perception and stereotype of all gamers and are committed to helping you achieve the very highest levels of performance alongside better health. 

Love & Respect

Gingi, Jtana, Get2dachoppa, Powdermaus


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