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Games & Gains: An Interview with ESN's Gingi with Raider

E-Sports Nutrition Gingi interview with with Gingi with his spirit animal an elephant

Games & Gains: An Interview with ESN's Gingi with  

A great article from talking the ESN's very on Gingi! You can read the full interview here, where Gingi talks about start out, the importance of a healthy lifestyle and launching with the ESN crew E-Sports Nutrition and our two signature products ELX and IGF!

Below are a couple of ESN highlights including talking about there being no maltodextrin in ESN products (maltodextrin is a filler and a hidden sugar commonly found in other esports energy drinks and nutritional products).

Q: We understand you actually just announced a new venture where you have launched your own line of energy drinks and protein shakes, aimed specifically at gamers. We’re very excited about this, tell us about it!

Gingi: Yes! And you might think, does the world need another gaming/esports energy drink and nutrition brand? Only if it's a game-changer, and that is exactly what we are at E-Sports Nutrition. I want to provide gamers with fantastic-tasting esports focused nutrition & energy drinks, free from nasty fillers and additives, with more active ingredients for performance benefits.

Q: We noticed a big talking point for your products was that they don’t contain any maltodextrin. Tell us about that and why it’s important.

Gingi: Most if not all gamers are aware of the many health implications that come with regularly consuming too much sugar, subsequent ‘crashing’, and associated health risks. In recent times, it’s led to a huge shift of manufacturers going ‘sugar free’ – especially in the powdered variety of energy drinks where it’s quickly become the accepted norm.

However, what the community may not be aware of is that the sugar has been replaced by something hidden (often found in the ‘other ingredients’ section of esports energy drink labels) that’s actually more detrimental to your health...and that ingredient is maltodextrin.

Fillers like maltodextrin are cheap and used to bulk up energy drinks and gaming meal shakes; they tick a lot of boxes for companies wanting to maximise profits. This of course raises ethical questions in regards to prioritising profits over product effectiveness, at the potential expense of the health of gamers. We discuss the harms of maltodextrin on our website for anybody that wants more information.


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