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The Story behind IGF (In Game Food)

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IGF (In Game Food) Game on. And On

It wasn’t long after the completion of ELX Energy Elixir that we turned our attention to addressing another key requirement for passionate gamers that we felt was sadly lacking – intelligent nutrition that doesn’t taste like medicine and mix like sawdust.  

Enter IGF, the vegan friendly nutritionally complete food for all next generation gamers. IGF is not a standard Meal Replacement (MRP), that typically contains 250 calories of cheap dairy or soy (little more than a snack). IGF is engineered to be much more than that and at around 400 calories (dependent on flavour) serves up a convenient and indulgent meal, formulated to keep you performing at your peak for hours. We also believe every calorie should serve a purpose which is why our next generation formula is filler free, fuelling you with maximum nutrition allowing you to game harder for longer.

• Game harder for longer with nutritionally complete IGF

• One-step/easy-to-mix process with a vegan friendly, sustainable formulation that’s free from all nasties

• Enhance recovery with premium nutrition from multiple active ingredients between sessions

• Fortified with fibre, MCT's (healthy fats) and contains ideal amounts of 24 essential vitamins and minerals

Remember there’s also a purpose to this, naturally the better you eat, the better you will feel and perform. The digestive system delivers up the nutrients into your bloodstream to nourish the brain and of course your body. You don’t have to insult your taste buds to make huge strides forward, just get involved and start introducing IGF In Game Food into your daily routine. IGF will help enhance your mood and cognitive functioning while keeping hunger at bay and you on top of your game for hours.

• No added Sugar/Maltodextrin/Filler free formulation

• Innovative next generation flavour systems that you will look forward to drinking

• Credible formulation with claims supported by independent scientific studies/research

• Complete product and formulation transparency all for just €1.99 per meal

We’re passionate about changing the perception and stereotype of all gamers and are committed to helping you achieve the very highest levels of performance alongside better health. 

Super quick make and shake formula

IGF is a quick one-step 'make and shake' (made with cold water) meal.

Simply add 2 level scoops (100g) to 400ml - 500ml of ice-cold water and shake several times in an E-Sports Nutrition Shaker. That’s it, no 2-step phase as required by some other diet / out of esports world meal shakes, just sit back and enjoy hassle free!

IGF is not only great as a nutritious in game meal, it can also set you up as a pre game meal or can help with rest and respawn 2-3 hours before intended sleep.

IGF (In Game Food) launches with four fantastic flavours:

We hope you enjoy IGF!

E-Sports Nutrition's Give Respect to Gain Respect shown in black on a white background

Four bags of E-Sports Nutrition launch flavours for IGF In Game Food on a black background

A black bag of E-Sports Nutrition's IGF In Game Food Choco Hazelnut Golem Flavour
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