Transparency for gamers

A close up of an E-Sports Nutrition ELX Energy Elixir Lemon & Lime Blast label on black tub and black background showing E-Sports Nutrition Transparency for gamers statement that features on all packs of ELX and IGF
We believe that all gamers deserve full product transparency. Complete product transparency doesn’t just help gamers avoid the pitfalls of purchasing ‘bulked up’ ineffective products. It also puts an end to ALL ‘proprietary blends’ by clearly listing each and every ingredient in the correct descending order for your convenience and added peace of mind.  

This statement and all ingredients and nutritional value tables appear on all of E-Sports Nutrition's ELX Energy Elixir and IGF In Game Food product packaging.

E-Sports Nutrition's Give Respect to Gain Respect shown in black on a white background

A close up picture of the back of a bag of E-Sports Nutrition IGF (In Game Food) on a black background showing ingredient lists and nutritional tables
Typical E-Sports Nutrition IGF (In Game Food) nutritional table