So are we "just another esports energy drink and nutrition brand"?

Well, we are indeed an esports energy drink and nutrition brand. But "just another"?

No way...

E-Sports Nutrition has been put together, with passion, skill and care, to shake things up in the gaming and esports energy drink and nutrition space.

Which means we do things differently.

Disruptively, you might say.


We believe the gaming community is ready for a Next Generation energy drink and in game food.


We’re gaming and esports focused, (it’s in our name and in our DNA), with a no compromise, healthy gaming and high performance ethos.

E-Sports Nutrition represents the future of nutrition for gaming and esports.

We deliver intelligent nutrition for next generation gamers who love to compete.

We’re passionate about changing the perception and stereotype of all gamers and are committed to helping you achieve the very highest levels of performance alongside better health. 


And our two launch product lines...

ELX Energy Elixir energy drinks


IGF In Game Food shake mixes

Both ELX and IGF have been created to Next Generation formulas and flavour standards.

Esports, gaming, energy and nutrition?

This is going to be a real game-changer.

About us

Our expertise in energy and nutrition dates all the way back to 2000 and with Mike, aka Gingi - a x5 and current Blizzcon World Champion on board as 1 of 3 passionate directors (with 2 of the others being long-term gamers above and beyond the professional skills they bring to ESN) - we really do have a unique and valued insight into the needs of our community.

We’re not here to follow the well-trodden path of other brands by slightly tweaking pre-existing formulations to make a quick return.

We’re here to set our own path and standards by challenging ourselves to deliver the very best that nutrition has to offer the gamer.

Innovation is absolutely central to the way we conduct our business and was the inspiration behind our ‘For Next Generation Gamers’ ethos.

We are not just another white labelled product with lazy or old formulations. We invest new product development to help support high standard gaming.


We love being part of the gaming community.

We love being healthy in body and mind. And we also have a healthy respect for others.

The gaming and esports community is growing fast, which is great - this is great but brings challenges with it.

Players are quickly thrust into the limelight, often interacting with millions of viewers. This means their words and actions are scrutinised like never before. And that, in turn, means that expectations in terms of behaviour and ethical standards are higher than ever before - among gamers, channels and game franchise and sponsor brands.

Put simply, Next Generation gamers need to conduct themselves to real-world standards.

In short, the community must be mindful of discrimination, bullying, inappropriate sexual content, and any other form of socially unacceptable behaviour.

That's why we have put mutual respect at the very heart of the ESN brand, with the following message displayed prominently on all our products, as well as on our website and socials - Give Respect To Gain Respect.

A tub of E-Sports Nutrition ELX Energy Elixir (Watermelon Magic flavour flavour) energy formula showing a detail of the label that highlights E-Sports Nutritions Give Respect To Gain Respect statement

Product innovation

A picture of E-Sports Nutrition launch range of products, x 6 flavours for ELX Energy Elixir a vegan friendly energy formula and x4 flavours of IGF an In Game food using plant proteins and vegan friendly

The whole concept behind our product engineering is to start from the very beginning and ask ourselves: "Has every single requirement/benefit been identified and addressed within high performance formulations designed for esports?"

Should we be asking more of a product like this? What are the pitfalls within this category and how can we address those through research proven nutrition?

We passionately beleive that it’s very important to set these challenges and start from a position of complete neutrality; it’s what compels us on to push the boundaries to create products that make a difference.

This inevitably involves bringing to market industry first active ingredients that are unique to our bespoke formulations. This excites us as our motivation is to meet your product requirements in full.


But there’s more to E-Sports Nutrition products than just innovative formulations comprising of high quality raw materials.

There’s an expectancy that high-end products are superior in every sense of the word, this after all is our primary objective as responsible members of the community.

Each product must mix properly and effortlessly, have a pleasant mouthfeel, and settle right on the stomach. And because our expertise in nutrition dates back to 2000 we understand how each and every ingredient used performs, interacts and tastes.

This means we can deliver refreshing market-leading flavours so advanced they are finally suitable for next generation gamers. 


We believe that every active ingredient and calorie should serve a purpose and have a zero-tolerance policy to ‘product fillers’ that have sadly become the norm.

The highest of product standards

Our ELX and IGF products are produced to the very highest of standards with each and every ingredient used having its very own Certificate Of Analysis (COA) for uncompromising levels of purity and quality.

We have direct control over our bespoke formulations that are exclusive to us and made to strict EU regulations in a state-of-the-art facility. 


All of our products are 100% drug free and made to the very highest of international standards giving you that all important peace of mind.

We believe that all gamers deserve full product transparency

A detail of a tub of ELX Energy Elixir  (Fruit Sucker Punch flavour) a vegan friendly energy formula, the image highlights E-Sports Nutritions product transparency pledge that will feature on all E-Sports Nutrition packaging

We believe that all gamers deserve full product transparency.

And that commitment to total transparency sets us apart - helping gamers avoid the pitfalls of buying "bulked up" products that are typically much less healthy than they claim to be.

That's why you will not only see our transparency pledge on every ELX and IGF pack, but will also find ALL ingredients clearly listed (in the correct descending order) for your convenience and added peace of mind.  

You will also find all 'Nutritional Values' and 'Active Ingredient Values' clearly listed.

See sample ELX label below...


We think gamers are going to love our ELX energy drink formulas and IGF shake mix meals, for two big reasons.

First, because ELX and IGF contain zero fillers and have superior active-ingredient engineering.

Second, because they taste fantastic.

We know gamers care passionately about flavour quality, so we've made taste a priority while developing our products.

Working with expert collaborators, we've designed our ELX and IGF formulations from the ground up, to taste great.

This means, especially with our ELX Energy Elixir, there's none of the nasty chemical afte taste and waxy mouth-feel left behind by products stuffed with product fillers like maltodextrin.

Plus, because our IGF shake mix meal has been specifically designed for gamers, it has a hassle-free one-step just-add-water "make and shake" process.

This means gamers don't have to stop, and waste good gaming time - and avoid messing around with the complicated, multi-step make process formulations of other products.

Unfortunatley some 'esports' formulations are old gym based supplements, potentailly full of fillers and nasties and/or unnecessary or inappropriate ingredients that have just been rehashed or just plain relabelled.

Or just sometimes deit or 'lifestyle' products being pushed into the esports market with no real gamer needs insights.

To be fair to our competitors, we started with a big advantage.

Which is that one of our team brings to our business an in-depth knowledge of sports nutrition.

So we've been able pick product development and manufacturing partners from among Europe's leading supplement producers.

The result? Next Generation product formulations for gamers who care about what they put into their bodies.


In terms of health and performance, its not only what we do put in our products, but also what we don't put in our products that gives gamers the edge.

Both our ELX energy drink formulas and IGF In Game Foods contain zero fillers like maltodextrin.

Why does that make such a crucial difference?

Because fillers like maltodextrin are common. And if you pick up most other esport energy drink and meal products, you'll see it often makes up 20-50% of their formulation.

You're probably wondering why our "last generation" competitors use fillers like maltodextrin?

Simple. Because it's a highly processed carbohydrate that is cheap to produce, and a way of bulking out products, while cutting down on healthier more expensive ingredients.

Maltodextrin: the hidden sugar in "sugar-free" drinks and foods

Why else is maltodextrin used in energy drink formulas by less than transparent manufacturers?

Due to a regulation loophole, maltodextrin can be classed as a carbohydrate - which means it can be left out of the "sugars" section on packs and in advertising for esports drinks and foods.

What's so bad about that?

Well, here comes the science-bit...

Products made with a filler like maltodextrin can claim to be "zero sugar" - while containing a sugar with a very high GlycaemicIndex (GI) number.

GI is used to rate carbohydrate-containing foods by how much they boost blood sugar (blood glucose).

The Index maxes out at 100, with ordinary table sugar (sucrose) scoring 63.

But a filler like maltodextrin typically gets a GI score of anywhere between 85 and 100.

For Next Generation gamers - who want to game hard, but game healthy - we thinks that's need-to-know information.


At ESN, we want to build a successful business, but not by taking advantage of the gaming community.

So offering seriously great value for money is vital to what we do.

For example, take a 440g tub of ELX Energy Elixir.

Remember, it contains zero fillers like maltodextrin, which means it has far more active ingredients per serving than many other brands that may consist of 20-50% filler and hidden sugar.

Also containing zero fillers like maltodextrin, IGF In Game Food is vegan-friendly and contains no added sugar, palm oil, soy or animal products - and IGF has x20 100g highly flavoursome servings from a 2kg pack.

So every penny you spend on our products is buying you lots of good stuff to put into your body, and no fillers or nasties.

ESN have never used fillers in our products. And we never will. Plain and simple.


Our ELX and IGF packaging has been designed to set our products apart in terms of being a premium product / formula, while providing clarity on our ingredients and having some fun too...

We have subtly referenced our gaming heritage, but deliberately moved away from the child-like ‘plastic fantastic’ graphics.

For us, that's just not relevant to today's Next Generation gamers.

Plus gaming is all about fun and we all like discovering secret stuff...

Look closely, and you'll find lots of little gaming-related design details that will help our products make areal connection with gamers and esports enthusiasts.

And of course, all our packaging is UK Trading Standards approved and clearly lists every ingredient in the correct ascending order, as part of our commitment to transparency.

Complete product transparency also helps gamers avoid the pitfalls of purchasing ‘bulked up’ ineffective products.

It puts an end to all lack of transparency that surround ‘proprietary blends’ for your convenience and added peace of mind.

A tub of E-Sports Nutrition ELX Energy Elixir energy formula Blue Raspberry Blizzard flavour showing a detail of the front of pack highlighting x40 servings, no maltodextrin, vegan friendly and other product benefits
A tub of E-Sports Nutrition ELX Energy Elixir energy formula Blue Raspberry Blizzard flavour showing the gaming reference barcode take over on pack and listed ingredients and nutritional values
A picture of a black tub of E-Sports Nutrition ELX Energy Elixir Blue Raspberry Blizzard Flavour showing the genre specific illustration of racing cars that is hidden and reveal only under blacklight light at your game station



We aim to have the highest of product standards and appropriate formulations to not only help you perform to your potential, but also to be a positive for your health and well being. We are also passionate about the community, which means we are commited to playing our part in helping safeguard players mental, emotional and social health.


We love being part of the gaming community. We love being healthy in body and mind. And we also have a healthy respect for others. That's why we have put mutual respect at the very heart of the E-Sports Nutrition brand, with the following message displayed prominently on all our products, as well as on our website and socials: We believe that we should all respect each other when online and in competition. We have our own wonderful borderless global community, that should be inclusive of gender, race, beliefs, sexuality and be non discriminatory. So hey, game hard, game fair and remember, let's be careful out there... And respect for us also means integrity. Whether that be by respecting gamers through product transparency, how we operate as a business, or how we conduct ourselves as individuals in respecting others (and be being accountable in all of these aspects). It guides us when building trusted and respectful relationships with players, teams, partners, and the community as a whole.


Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Whether that be product innovation, maximising the potential of players, or how we challenge oursleves to be better. For us being innovative means having an open mind, always pushing for higher standards and searching for new ways of thinking, seeing and doing.


We are only here because of the community and we have both a passion for it and responsibility to it. Our aim is to be a responsible member of the community - and endeavour to bring knowledge, insights and product excellence to it. And hopefully (and importantly as life is too short not to) have some fun along the way with the community too...

And Finally...

We are humble but hungry, we work hard to make our own luck while trying to enjoy the ride.

Good things keep happening and that keeps us motivated and blows our minds occasionally!

We want to bring some good to the world we love, we want to be responsible members of the community.

Commercial success is a hygiene factor, we want to build something really special and not follow the crowd.