Our Registrations

Please note that 'E-Sports Nutrition', 'ELX Energy Elixir' and 'IGF In Game Food' are registered trademarks.

What's in a name.

You’ll notice we have a hyphen in our name and we’re unapologetic about that, even though we know that historically there’s been lots of debate about whether the generic name for the competitive end of the gaming community we love so much should be esports, eSports or e-sports. 

Our friends at Associated Press cleared up that discussion in 2017 (see below).

It’s esports, by the way, but hyphenation is perfectly acceptable if it’s part of a formal company name which, in our case, it is. 

There are two very good reasons for that.

The obvious one is it's made it a lot easier to legally register and protect our name and brand, secure domains/addressing cybersquatting etc. in very crowded esports, drinks and nutrition space.

But it also means we can be distinctive yet still be clear about the market we serve. 

So, there you have it.

E-Sports Nutrition is proud to be part of the esports and gaming community.

E-Sports Nutritions Give Respect to Gain Respect symbol, a black symbol on a white background featuring from left to right a clenched fist symbol, a heads together thank you symbol, a peace symbol and ESNs for dots symbol

Associated Press definition  

"Acceptable in all references to competitive multiplayer video gaming. Use alternate forms like eSports or e-sports only if part of a formal name, like an organisation or arena. Capitalize at the start of sentences. Like other collective nouns that are plural in form, esports takes sinclair form when the group or quantity is regarded as a unit. Some gamers are finding esports is a viable profession; nine esports were added to the competition. It is also acceptable to refer to individual esports events as games or events."

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Cambridge English Dictionary definition