Who are our creative partners?


It's amazing to be part of the E-Sports Nutrition family!

We wanted to work with E-Sports Nutrition mainly out of 2 reasons:

1. We love to have a Partner, who also emerged out of the World of Warcraft scene and knows/represents the values of gaming. With Gingi being the Face of E-Sports Nutrition it was just a perfect fit for us.

2. We can identify ourselves with the values and with the message E-Sports Nutrition is standing for.

Accident / Doctorio / Knoff / Matteo / Meeix / Nexxzz / Ponky


I'm Caroline or Naguura and I stream and cast tournaments for a living! I am also trying to spread positivity and create a safe and welcoming space for everyone in my community or wanting to be part of it, so my own values and ESN's core values are a perfect match and that's why I wanted to become a creative partner! Can't wait to make the gaming community a more positive place together with ESN. My favourite product is IGF Killa Vanilla, I've been much more energetic throughout my streams without having to take long food breaks!


I am Oono, I have an XXL smile, an oversized kindness, and I say thank you all day long! I'm more than happy to be a creative partner with a brand that shares the same values as me! Trust me, try ELX Blue Raspberry & IGF Lemon Cheesecake taste you won't be disappointed!


Hi, my Name is Nico aka. dinossindgeil and I'm from Germany. I am a full-time streamer on Twitch.tv and my content mainly contains No Hit Challenge-Runs. Mostly streaming the Dark Souls series or Fromsoft games. I would describe myself as an open, enthusiastic and challenge loving person. My main goal on Twitch is not only to beat games in a way no one has ever beaten them before. I also want to entertain, laugh with other and just have a good time. Since the content I produce is definitely E-Sports content I think ESN is a great addition for my channel.
Greetings from Germany. Nico


Hey there ! My name is Foxo ! I'm a 26-year-old game and health enthusiast from Germany. I genuinely love life and everything it's given us, especially World of Warcraft. Jokes aside, I strive to be better and learn more every single day and to use that enthusiasm to motivate others and help them find their true potential. That's why E-Sports Nutrition is so lucky to have me. *cough cough*. Seriously though, their goals are my goals and I think that together, we can make a great difference.


Hey there! My name is Kevin but many people probably know me as ViklunD, the Shadow Priest one-trick-pony and full-time streamer on Twitch. I have recently been trying to improve my health, but keeping up with a healthy diet while blasting on stream or in game can be very challenging. Having the IGF(In Game Food) Meal as easy, healthy energy during long streams has been an absolute lifesaver! This partnership with E-Sports Nutrition has given me a great opportunity to improve not only my health but also the health of my community. I truly believe ESN will be of immense help to me and many gamers! I would recommend trying out the Killa Vanilla IGF flavour, it has certainly been my favourite!


Streamer & content creator, passionate gamer and lover of all things Dark Fantasy. I’m a challenge seeker and I love to speed run. I’m excited to work with E-Sports Nutrition because I love a quick, effortless meal and it’s just delicious! I value transparency and the choice of only the best ingredients. My jam is definitely IGF Killa Vanilla, it's so good, even my cat wanted to steal it from me, seriously.


Hi guys, I am Killakris and I am a World Of Warcraft content creator on twitch and youtube. I am passionate about the gaming community and want to make a difference by promoting non-toxic atmosphere for all kinds of WoW players Pro's as well as the beginners. And such work demands healthy food and a lot of time! So for me IGF In Game food is an obvious choice.


 Hi, I'm Cruelladk! I am a full-time content creator on Twitch and a professional World of Warcraft player. I love to share my passion and I organise community-oriented content on my channel daily. As I am a busy gamer and I have no time for cooking, I was pleased to discover IGF (In Game Food) which is easy to prepare and tastes good.


Twitch streamer and content creator. I like playing video games and interacting with my audience, especially helping them improve and achieve their goals. I fight to improve every day as a player and I work on my body and my mind to achieve it. That is why I use these nutritious products for e-sports.


SouzaCarlos is a World of Warcraft streamer that, after having worked for years as a professor IRL has decided to take that experience in-game; now he focus his knowledge about the game into teaching people how to improve and, most importantly, having fun in the process while climbing. He also knows the importance of facing the game with the correct mental behaviour, and he is constantly making sure that his audience works towards it. Having the opportunity to work with ESN is a step forward into this style of thinking; you need to have a healthy body in a healthy mind! Also, my favourite ESN product is ELX Mango Madness.


I am Alessia, 22 years old from Barletta (in south-east of Italy). I am a full-time streamer and chess player. I have been playing chess since I was 8 years old. I have played for the Italian national chess team and in 2014 I became Italian champion. I speak Italian, english and german but my streams are only in English. On stream I try to spread positivity and create a friendly space for everyone in the community. I usually stream 5-7h per day and to keep energetic during the whole time is a challenge, that's why I’m so happy to be a ESN partner. My favourite product is IGF Lemon Cheesecake!