Add-on item - x6 ELX Blue Raspberry Blizzard samples (UK)

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Why not Add-on x6 ELX® Energy Elixir Blue Raspberry Blizzard sample sachets!  ELX Blue Raspberry Blizzard flavour is a smooth and refreshing flavour blast best served with ice water! With zero fillers like maltodextrin (a highly processed filler and hidden sugar), zero sugar and are vegan friendly, ELX Energy Elixir provides a smooth delivery of sustained focus and energy, high in nootropics as part of a crash free formulation. (Please note this is an Add-on item only, not sold separately).

  • Enhanced levels of focus
  • Smooth delivery of sustained energy
  • No fillers / maltodextrin  = more active ingredients
  • Crash free & superior taste formulation
  • Add-on item - x6 ELX Blue Raspberry Blizzard samples (UK)
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