x8 IGF Choco Hazelnut Golem Samples (UK)

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Why not Add-on x8 IGF® Choco Hazelnut Golem sample sachets! When you need to game on. And On. IGF (In Game Food) is a quick one-step 'make and shake' (made with cold water) meal. Optimised for gamers with superior flavour formulations, IGF is a vegan friendly, high protein, plant based meal fortified with MCT's. IGF contains no fillers, such as maltodextrin and has no added sugar (and only 0.4% naturally occurring sugars). IGF Choco Hazelnut Golem has a rich sweet smell of roasted hazelnuts combined with indulgent premium chocolate, making this shake mix incredibly moreish. IGF - Fills you up but filler free! (Please note this is an Add-on item only, not sold separately). 

  • Superior tasting vegan friendly nutrition
  • No fillers / maltodextrin 
  • Lactose, palm oil, GMO, & soy free
  • Quick hassle-free one-step make process 
  • x8 IGF Choco Hazelnut Golem Samples (UK)
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